Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tsukiji - The biggest fish market in the world

Transporters carry the precious fish to the fishmongers.

Inside the fish market

More than 715 thousand tonnes of fish per year are prepared in Tsukiji.

The mussels are huge as you can see by the size of the knife.

A market without shrimps it's not a market.

Fish is a basic ingridient of any japanese meal.

Hell it's very appreciated by all japanese.

The size of the squids it's impressive.

It's not only a men's job.

You can find all the kinds of fish in this market.

The preparation of the fish is a real art.

General view of the market.

You can find beautiful octopus.

Tuna fish is the biggest attraction of the market.

Tuna fish being cut.

Tuna is cut and prepared to be frozen.

Tuna is prepared everywhere.

The fish is prepared carefully by experienced people.

The rest of the warrior.

Colourful cars carry the fish around the market.

The skills come with years of experience.

The account is very important for the business.

Tuna head's

Around the market you can find restaurants with a various menu of fish dishes.

Around 10 o'clock, the market is almost empty.

Photography by Nuno Goncalves. Tokyo, Japan 2005.