Nuno Reis Gonçalves was born in 1978 in a town called Castelo Branco, but always lived in Fundão. In the year of 1998, he moved to Lisbon to study Sciences of Communication which envisages a curriculum in Journalism. In 1999, He bought his first camera for an assignment at university and since that time he has never stopped photographing.

He lived in Lisbon for about five years, where he worked for Rádio Renascença, and in 2003, he moved to London. In 2004, Nuno exchanged the British island for the Irish one, where he lived for 6 years. Nuno lives in Alcala de Henares, Madrid.

Nuno photographs always with the aim at the story about the people and their different lifestyles and beliefs. Through four continents, from North to South Africa, North and South America, Southeast Asia and Europe.                  

Nuno collaborates as a photojournalist for the A23 Online and for the United Photo Press Organization.

This blog it’s dedicated to all the people I’ve photographed since 1999.



Nov 2008: "Capeia: Mais de um século de Forcão" - Centro Cívivo de Fóios, Portugal

July 2009: "Photo 2009" Collective Exhibition of the Dublin Camera Club (The Club selected one of my photographs to appear on the catalogue and poster of the exhibition) - Pearse Street Library, Dublin. Ireland

Aug 2009: People Photography Collective Exhibition - Stephen’s Green, Dublin. Ireland

Nov 2009: "Homenagem a Júlio Carmo Santos" As invited artist of the Exhibition of portuguese painter Adriano Pires - Sociedade Filarmónica Recreio Alverquense, Alverca. Portugal 

2009/2010: "PSR - Prevenção e Segurança Rodoviária" - National Collective Exhibition organized by United Photo Press 

07 of August 2010: "World" - Collective Photographic Exhibition organized by United Photo Press, Marina de Albufeira. Portugal

18 of December 2010: "ESSÊNCIA E MEMÓRIA, Antologia de Fotografia Contemporânea, vol. III" - Collective photography book to be released at the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, Lisbon