Saturday, September 16, 2006

Arthur Guinness - The Visionary

"With trepidation, I look the road out of Leixlip to embark on a great adventure in the city of Dublin. What lies ahead? Who can ever know.
For I have some wit and little resources. Yet my destiny is clear. I shall be a brewer in a city of brewers." Arthur Guinness

"It is some forty years, now, since we began. And I have elected to cease the brew of Dublin ale. Tradition is the past. The new stouts and porters will define our future - Roasted and Dark. Ours is the work of genius. I have made my mark." Arthur Guinness

In 1799, following a decade of intensive development at th St. James Gate site, Arthur Guinness turned his back on traditional ales to focus on the development of porter. He went to invent Guinness stout wich is know and enjoyed world wide.

Citations and information taken from the Guinness web site.

Photography by Nuno Goncalves. Dublin, Republic of Ireland. 2006