Thursday, March 06, 2008

From Taalat Harb to Khan al-Khalili by night

View of the patio from the hotel 5th floor. 

A portrait of the shop founder is always present.

Clothing shop around Taalat Harb.

Working till late in Taalat Harb street.

Fruit street vendor.

Leaving the kebab shop after a quick meal.
While waiting for customers, this fruit street vendor smokes shisha.

Its never late for a grandfather give a nice hair cut to his grandchild.

Meat street vendor prepares to cut a big piece of cow meat.

Coal seller organizes his countability after a day of work.

Reading the newspapper at Bab Zuweila.

Coffee shop where shai and shisha pipe are served all day long.

Orange street seller watching TV.

Live in Cairo never stops.

Preparing coal for a shisha pipe.

Shisha is ready for someone's joy.

Street view.

Egyptian wedding in the middle of the street... Everybody is invited for the celebrations.

Bride makes a confidence to her now official husband... Who knows what they are talking about.

Shoes repairer at work near Khan al-Khalili.

Al-Azhar st is the place where mr. Shoukry amazes all his clients with a huge variety of natural essences.

At Khan al-Khalili waiting for clients or just watching observing people passing by.
Always busy. Sharia al-Muski st still play an important role in cairenes daily life.

Cairenes are always ready to help you with a smile. "Where are you from mister?"
Overview of the ancient spices market... The smell of the mix of all the spices in the air is unique.

Preparing some shai... Cairenes can't live without their precious drink.

Praying at the mosque of Sayyidna al-Hussein, the grandchild of the prophet.

Kissing the relic is part of the pray.

Detail of the holy relic, burial place of Sayyidna al-Hussein.

Most of the building dates of 1870 and the area surrounding is considered sacred.

Photographs taken by Nuno Reis Goncalves in Cairo, Egypt, from Taalat Harb st, passing by Bab Zuweila towards Khan al-Khalili. February/March 2008.