Sunday, February 04, 2007

Medersa Ben Youssef - Madrasa - Royal Tomb


The Medersa Ben Youssef was a koranic school and dates from 16th century. The picture above represents the central courtyard, used for all the washing before praying. The school was built by the Saadians and named after a 12th century Almoravid sultan.

Arcades, doors, ceilings are decorated with geometric decorations.

Tiles, carvings and wood engravings are all over the place.

Some decorations have words in arabic with coram references.

In Islamic countries it's forbidden to use representations of human beings.

Student room's are situated up stairs and they are very basic cells, used only to pray and to sleep. There are two kinds of rooms with capacity for 1000 students.

The Dar M'Nebhi Palace was built in the 19th century and hosts a collection of moroccan art.

The palace is one of the jewels of Marrakech.

Like in the Medersa, the palace's walls and ceilings are richly decorated .

The huge room is covered by domed tent supported with columns.

Detail of the columns tiles.

Another view of the unique columns.

The granite floor keeps the palace's vibes fluid.

Door detail.

One of the palace's washing rooms.

Zoomed in view of the room.

Tiles macro view perpective.

The Royal tomb.

Inside of the royal tomb.

The royal tomb is situated in the Marrakech museum.

Photography by Nuno Goncalves. Marrakech, Morocco 2006.